Why Repair & Restore My Furniture?


Save Money!

If it's worth buying, it's worth repairing! New furniture can be an expensive proposition, let Peter Sena repair and refurbish your furniture today!

Protect Your Investment

Did you know that your antique furniture has a high resale value? Home design is a revolving door.  Trends that made an exit decades or even centuries ago often have a resurgence years later, as evidenced in the high demand for mid-century furniture today. Make sure to keep all your furniture in excellent condition with Peter Sena Furniture Repair & Restoration.

Why lose a piece of your family history?

Your furniture is as valuable to us as it is to you. Once upon a time, a craftsman designed a piece of furniture that you or an ancestor fell in love with and bought.  Many pieces of furniture stand the test of time, but sometimes need a little TLC.  Peter Sena will refurbish your tables, chairs and other pieces like new!  

For more information about why restorations can save you more, or to schedule your own service appointment with us, please call Peter Sena Furniture Repair & Restoration at (609) 397-2233.